Neo-cabaret performer, compère, musician & writer.

Laurie black

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New Website

Hurray, a new website! It might not look hugely different to you lot but it was a LOT of time and effort for me hahaha.  Come on in, and let me know if anything's acting up or if there are…

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Lockdown List 2.0

A list of consumable content, updated from a post on 22nd April last year... (also, yes I did draw the picture of The Witcher!)


- My entire YouTube collection including live vids, music vids and other shit! ;) 


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Thank you!

Through the medium of online cabaret and comedy disguised as a birthday zoom show, we raised a total of £525 for Friends Of The Earth last night!  I’m blown away, and you gorgeous audience members sent enough tips for our…

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