Seedpaper Flyers

After 8 years in the Fringe biz, I’ve gone through my share of bits of paper with my face on littering the streets of Adelaide, Edinburgh, Reykjavik… so I’m starting a revolution, from the seed bed!

If you made it here, you got one of my rare seed paper flyers at Edinburgh Fringe.  First off, come see the show, then get planting! ;) 


- Fill a pot with soil, pack firmly but don't over-compress (or plant outside in spring) 

- Tear your seed paper into small pieces and press into the soil 

- Cover in a 1/8 inch layer of soil 

- Water!  And keep in a sunny place. 

- When sprouts appear (within the first 7-10 days), keep the paper moist but don’t overwater 

- When your new green friends are more sturdy, water as necessary 

- Give yourself a pat on the back and watch them bloom! 

These seeds are a wildflower mix of poppy, daisy, rudbeckia and forget-me-nots.