Lockdown List 2.0

A list of consumable content, updated from a post on 22nd April last year... (also, yes I did draw the picture of The Witcher!)


- My entire YouTube collection including live vids, music vids and other shit! ;) 

- Hedwig and The Angry Inch (find it, hold it, cherish it) 

- The Nomi Story (Klaus Nomi documentary, v good for performance art / cabaret nerds) 

- Upright by Tim Minchin (I LOVED THIS, you can watch on Now TV) 

- Feel Good by Mae Martin (another fab TV series by a great comic, on Netflix) 

- It's A Sin (Channel 4)

- Freaks (old school circusy sideshow film) 

- Queen's Gambit (need.I.say.more)

- Metropolis (one of my faves, a banger from 1927! Clips from this have been used in some Queen music videos) 

- Yesterday (a fun film about if The Beatles never existed..) 

- Hamilton

- Nos Amis (Bataclan/Eagles of Death Metal documentary on Netflix, you will cry) 

- 9 Life Lessons by Tim Minchin (I love him okay)


- The Country of Ice Cream Star - Sandra Newman

- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck - Mark Manson 

- Happy - Derren Brown

- Brave - Rose McGowan

- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Phillip K Dick

- Wind Up Girl - Paulo Bacigalupi

- Anything by Caitlin Moran


- My new track Cosmic Indifference

- KURO (one of my best mates and band mates, plus he played guitar on Cosmic Indifference) 

- David Ryder Prangley - Black Magic & True Love (I played piano on track 4) 

- Honeybone (very good pals from Melbourne who have new music out now)

- Pretty Addicted (yes, just yes)

- This Is A Trent Reznor Song (LOL if you love NIN)

- Scott Helland's new album Guitarmy of One (what a powerhouse)

- This abomination of a song that I just.can't.stop.listening.to


Enjoy!!  Let me know if you have any other suggestions x