Club Woof Dog

Dublin Castle, Camden

Woof Dog give you sassy electro, post punk and artschool sex music...if ya like. Tonight headliners are self styled 'insurrectionary Neo Futurists' the Jan Doyle Band... A band half way to being old school goth a la Sisters of Mercy but got snagged on David Bowie, and slipped in a puddle of glam; in a sense... The Clash on acid, in another?

Legpuppy - smart electro and sassy social comment fired thru, by degree, with melody and bangingness! Yes, bangingness. And all served up with some very entertaining conceptual performance art...your curators at Woof Dog too you know.

Laurie Black - she's got a Korg and she sure can use it...swooningly squelchsome electronica with a pop heartbeat and a hint of menace. Laurie knows her synthpop onions and makes a sweet soup all her own. Beautiful stuff, as recently seen supporting Adam Ant...

Nata In Furs - actress and artist Natasha Mae, in furs and here for you tonite in The Dublin Castle to confound and delight.